The Shower Project


Sunday - 10AM Worship Service

The Shower Project

Many of you already know that since Hope City began in 2018, we have hosted waves of mission teams in the City of Tucson via Praying Pelican Missions during the past 5 years. Those teams have been such an incredible blessing. They have led to two very specific developments for us here at Hope City... 

First, Pastor Jeff has agreed to join the staff with Praying Pelican Missions (PPM) as their Partner Advocate for the City of Tucson--acting as a citywide host for future PPM teams. This is in addition to his role as pastor and church planter at Hope City and the goal would be to hire more local staff for PPM to help with future teams. This month two people were hired for local, seasonal staff with PPM already--Cyndi Lakey and Rebecca Ursule. Congrats Cyndi and Rebecca! 

Second, the vision was presented to build 5 free standing showers at Hope City to accommodate more PPM teams at Hope City. 

With Rocky's help, a contractor was immediately identified for this project. As we speak, there are grants being pursued to help fund the $42k required to build this shower structure. Hope City also has partners that have said they want to contribute to this endeavor. That's awesome! Go God!

If you would like to donate in any amount, you may do that here

More PPM teams mean more lives being touched throughout the City of Tucson and these showers will help to facilitate more teams among the other opportunities being explored to bless our surrounding community.

Come back soon for updates on this project!